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The most natural and efficient weed control solution.

 The unique High-Velocity Heating System designed by Ripagreen ensures speed, comfort, and efficiency for all your thermal weed control operations.



  • 360˚ rotatable nozzle stays cool to the touch
  • Covers up to 19" in a single pass
  • Propane Powered with adjustable heat settings
  • Easy to use single trigger handle


- A wide variety of application - 

  • Pathways and Large Areas
    • Ripagreen allows you to weed large areas such as park pathways, pavements or car parks effortlessly.
  • Rockeries and Small Areas
    • Uncouple the thermal lance from its trolley and treat difficult-to-access areas in the same way as a strimmer. Its light weight and adjustable handle provide a high level of working comfort and adapts to your body shape.
  • Difficult Terrain
    • In steep areas with numerous obstacles or which are widely spaced, you can choose two-operator working.