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Ripack Repair

Ripack Repair

Regular price $74.99 Sale is certified to repair all of the Ripack models. 


Here is how it works: 

1. Order the Repair Service - $74.99 + Parts

This cost includes diagnosis along with the first hour of repair time. Most repairs can be processed within the first hour. If the repair time exceeds the first hour the customer will be responsible for $75/hr of additional repair time. 

2. Ship the Ripack Shrink gun along with all necessary components

Ship to:  1100 Jefferson St • Pacific MO, 63069

Along with the gun, we will need the hose and regulator. This ensures that we have worked out every possible defect before returning the gun to the customer.

 3. We will determine price of parts and time needed for repair. 

We will reach out to the customer and explain any balance left to pay before repair starts. Once parts & labor have been covered we will begin repair. 

4. The gun and components will then be repaired and shipped back to the customer. 

Shipping either to or from ShrinkGun is at the expense of the customer. 


Any Questions?

 - Call us! 1.800.654.4205

 - Or send us a message!