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Ripack® Pallet Shrink Tubing
Ripack® Pallet Shrink Tubing

Ripack® Pallet Shrink Tubing

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Use the first dropdown menu to find the gauge of tubing you'd like to order. The second menu will let you choose between each size. 


Polyethylene Shrink Tubing gives the same appearance of a gusseted bag; however, it offers the customer flexibility on loads whose dimensions vary in one direction.  Shrink tubing is generally used when two dimensions of the product are constant, but the 3rd dimension changes.  Some examples are the same height and width, but the length is always changing - like loads of lumber.  Or maybe the length and width is always the same, but the height changes - like a stack of tires. 

Tubing requires the customer to seal the open end of the bag to obtain dirt and dust protection.  This can be done by folding over the extra film and applying heat to it, or by using a Multicover to create a clean seam. 

- Reduce waste by making your own bag - 

- Ideal for loads that vary in height - Works for 4, 5, or 6 sided containment -

3 mil 44ft x 44ft x 300ft Clear
3 mil 50ft x 42ft x 300ft Clear
4 mil 44ft x 44ft x 230ft Clear
4 mil 50ft x 42ft x 230ft Clear